Conference venue entrance
Conference venue entrance at Otakaari 1.


Roomvent 2018

RoomVent Conference which will focus on new technology and ventilations strategies for low energy, passive houses and zero emission buildings as well as energy efficient ventilation in the built environment as such. RoomVent conference is focusing on air distribution, air quality and thermal comfort in offices, apartments and public buildings. Modeling, visualization and measurement technologies will be an important theme including strategies for natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, transport and spread of airborne infections will be an important issue.



Indoor climate

• Thermal comfort

• Air quality

• Airborne infections

• Outdoor sources and IAQ

• Perceived indoor climate

• Productivity

Ventilation and Energy performance

• Air distribution

• Ventilation effectiveness

• Demand controlled ventilation

• Ventilative cooling

• Airtightness

• Occupant behavior

Modelling and measurement techniques

• Advances in CFD

• Design tools and building information modelling

• Human microenvironment

• Effects of movements and time-dependent loads

• Flow measurement and visualization

• New measurement methods

Specialized applications

• Innovative ventilation concepts

• Personalized ventilation

• Performance of local heating and cooling techniques

• Nearly zero energy buildings

• Natural and hybrid ventilation

• Case studies and solutions: offices, schools, hospitals, vehicles, etc.

• Fire simulation

Ventilation 2018

Ventilation conference is focusing on industrial type of applications. The aims of industrial ventilation are to protect health, to prevent environmental pollution and to guarantee high product quality. These aims should be achieved with a highly energy efficient manner and promoting for sustainable development. The conference topics cover a wide range of issues including occupational health, ventilation and sustainable development, specialized applications and clean air technology, design and control.


Occupational health

• Indoor air quality and local outdoor air quality

• Control of emissions and exposures in buildings

• Standards and regulations

• Ventilation and health

• Effect of ventilation on productivity

• prevention of toxic risk in buildings

Industrial ventilation and pollutant control

• Micro-environment control

• Localized exhaust and air purification

• Multi-source pollutant control technology

• Strategies to reduce exposures

Innovative design and solutions

• Indoor air filtration and treatment

• Experimental methods

• Air distributor and air purifier

• Auditing, inspection and maintenance

Specialized applications

• Mines and tunnels, underground car park

• Data centers

• Clean rooms

• Laboratory

• Commercial kitchens

• Vehicle interiors

• Other spaces